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Create your sounds.

Make them blast.

Become a pro.

Your personal free music distributor

Your music on all major platforms

We release your music on all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, and many more.

You keep full control over your releases.

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Unlimited Releases

Monthly Payments

 Free Distribution

Fast Review

How does it work?

Step 1

Step 2

Sign up on SoundBlast

Upload your music

Get Paid

Step 3

Get approved

Get paid with Crypto or PayPal

More than distribution

Take your music to the next level with SoundBlast. We offer more than just distribution.

Our comprehensive approach to promoting, marketing and supporting your music will ensure you reach new heights in your music career. Experience the power of SoundBlast and unleash your full potential. 🚀🔊🎵

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Special Artist Program


Unlimited Releases

Multiple Artists

Worldwide Distribution

No Hidden Fees

Keep 75% of your earnings

24/7 Support

Invite Only

Premium Artwork Creation

Music & Video Production


Beats Production

Music Marketing

Collaboration with Artists

Our Special Artist Program

We give you the opportunity for a music career. If your release impresses us, you have the chance to be selected for our special artist program.

In this program, we support you in all areas. With our years of experience in digital marketing, we maximize the potential of our artists!

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  • What is SoundBlast?
    Introducing SoundBlast, the premier music distribution platform for independent artists and labels. With SoundBlast, you have the power to effortlessly publish and distribute your music to all the major online stores and streaming services.
  • What is your pricing plan?
    We offer free music distribution. This means our pricing structure is straightforward and devoid of any concealed charges. Rather than imposing initial fees, we claim a 25% comission on the artist's royalties. This enables the artist to retain an impressive 75% of their total earnings. This approach underscores our dedication to our artists' success, as our prosperity is intrinsically linked with theirs.
  • When will my music go live on the DSPs?
    After the review we will send your music to all stores. The turnaround time can vary from store to store. We recommend submitting your album at least 1 week prior to your intended release date.
  • When do I get paid?
    You get paid when we do. Please note that royalty processing can take 3-6 months after the end of each month's sales. You will receive a monthly royalty statement, which will be updated during the second week of each month.
  • Can I transfer my music from other distributors to SoundBlast?
    Yes, transferring your music to our platform is a seamless process, ensuring your tracks remain live on stores without any downtime. To faciliate this transfer, please provide the exact release date, UPC and ISRC numbers. Typically, these details can be sourced from your previous distributor. It's crucial to input all this information so that every platform identifies it as a re-release. Should you require assistance during this process, do not hestitate to reach out to us.
  • Do you offer a label plan?
    Our service is designed to accomodate variety of users, including labels. You can use our platform to publish unlimited releases for multiple artists under one account, making it a great solution for labels who want to manage multiple artits' catalogs. You personal dashboard allows you to designate a label name, which will be attributed to all subsequent releases.

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